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A supportive community for Black women navigating the Ivory Tower of doctoral studies and beyond

Cohort Sistas

What is Cohort Sistas?

We bring together Black women at various stages of the doctoral degree process to successfully navigate the rigors of the Ivory Tower, so that we can identify programs and mentors who will support us through our degrees, pursue fulfilling research and work without sacrificing our well-being, and ease the burden of doing it all alone.

Cohort Sistas was designed to serve self-identifying Black women who:

🟤 are interested in pursuing doctoral education but don't know where to start

🟤 are feeling isolated in their doctoral programs and are seeking additional community support

🟤 are navigating post-doctoral life both within and outside of the academy

What We Do

  • Share academic, career, personal development, and emotional resources to support Black women in the pursuit of doctoral studies and beyond
  • Facilitate and encourage both peer-to-peer and vertical mentoring to create a community of care
  • Highlight the journeys of Black women who have successfully navigated the Ivory Tower
  • Acknowledge and troubleshoot unique challenges for special interest groups, including but not limited to: first generation graduate students, women with dependents, and women living outside of their home country
  • UPLIFT, UPLIFT, AND UPLIFT one another

About the Founder

Dr. Ijeoma Kola is a historian of public health and lifestyle blogger with a PhD in Sociomedical Sciences from Columbia University. When she's not researching or writing, she spends her time helping Black women navigate the Ivory Tower equipped with tools to overcome loneliness, imposter syndrome, and micro-aggressions, so they can have maximum impact in their post-doctoral careers and endeavors without sacrificing their emotional and mental health.

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